SARAS eAssessment

A Smart, Secure and Reliable
platform for your evolving assessment needs


SARAS is a comprehensive eAssessment platform that enables educators and assessment companies to manage and deliver assessments in an effective and cost efficient manner, over a variety of assessment models. SARAS ensures assessment delivery as per norms, maintains test integrity, provides extensive analysis of test performance and overcomes infrastructural barriers.

Platform Highlights


SARAS provides comprehensive item and test management functionalities and supports online, offline as well as paper-based test delivery.


SARAS supports Computer Adaptive Tests, remediation and IRT based analytics.


SARAS provides support for multi-factor authentication, lock-down browser, proctoring and monitoring.


SARAS has been optimized for cloud and has been tested for high-concurrency of 30,000+.

Assessment Models

SARAS’ comprehensive set of functionalities combined with configurability in test construction and delivery mechanism enables our customers to cater to a variety of assessment models.

Assessment Lifecycle

Empowering Educators and Assessment Companies to manage the entire assessment lifecycle effectively.

Item Authoring and Banking
  • 40+ simple and complex item types
  • Online authoring, Offline authoring using Word and Excel based templates
  • Collaboration workflow for distributed authoring
  • Structured banking with digital assets and extensible meta data
  • Learning outcomes
Test Construction and Scheduling
  • Item selection – manual, random, template based
  • Test structure and preferences
  • Grade schemes
  • Test scheduling preferences
  • Test Center management
  • Test registration and logistics
Blended Delivery and Monitoring
  • Delivery on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones
  • Online, offline and standalone
  • Paper and pencil
  • Secure browser
  • Real-time test monitoring
  • On-premise and remote proctoring
Reporting and Analytics
  • Rich reporting dashboard
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Assessment overview, score list, transcript, grade report
  • Outcomes based performance analysis
  • IRT based Item and Test calibration
  • IRT enabled psychometric analysis

Paper Based Test Delivery

Paper Based Test Delivery

SARAS enables you to manage paper-based assessments while ensuring complete data consistency and reliability. You can simply print the test paper and bubble sheets with an ordinary printer on an ordinary paper. It also provides you flexibility to scan the sheets using an ordinary scanner, thereby reducing dependency on proprietary technology and lowering the overall administration costs.

  • Eliminates dependency on proprietary equipment and supplies.
  • Provides flexibility to use Mobile App for scanning bubble sheets.
  • Supports processing of more than 250,000 bubble sheet scans in less than 24 hours.
  • Streamlines complex and tedious testing process.
  • Comprehensive Analysis reports.

IRT Analytics

SARAS incorporates Item Response Theory (IRT) based item and test calibration and psychometric analysis. This enables our customers to deliver assessments that are consistent, reliable and adaptive.

Architecture & Design

SARAS is built upon SOA/Microservices based architecture that provides flexibility, scalability and extensibility to cater to the current and future assessment needs of our customers. Standards such as Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) ensure that SARAS is interoperable with the existing technology landscape of our customers to provide a seamless end-user experience. Various security measures combined with a scalable, high-performance architecture, ensure reliable delivery of tests for an ever increasing number of test takers.

Standards Compliant (QTI, LTI)

Sectors Addressed

SARAS empowers educators and assessment companies to cater to their unique assessment needs.


  • Comprehensive: With end-to-end assessment lifecycle functionalities built on a modular architecture, SARAS addresses distinctive needs of educators and assessment companies.
  • Aligns to evolving assessment models: SARAS’ flexible and configurable design, combined with constant product innovation ensures that our customers align and cater to the ever evolving assessment models.
  • Ensures test efficacy: IRT based reporting and analytics ensures test consistency, reliability and efficacy.
  • Secure and reliable: Inbuilt security features, detailed audit trails and support for proctoring and monitoring ensure secure and reliable test delivery.
  • Cost effective: SARAS helps achieve cost and administrative efficiencies while managing and conducting assessments.

Professional Services

With a combination of technology and eLearning domain expertise, Excelsoft aligns with the unique business goals of our customers to help them design, develop and implement the right assessment strategy on top of SARAS eAssessment platform. Our professional services include:

  • Assessment strategy and consulting services
  • Product customization and integrations
  • Item and test development services
  • Infrastructure and hosting services
  • Maintenances and support services